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v10 Compliment to v8 Top N Advanced Performance Widget

Is there a compliment in v10 to the "Top N Advanced Performance" widget of v8?  The horizontal bar charts were a nice look to compliment the numerical data.

When it comes to the Top N, that is all contained in the Performance widget. There are some differences for now. Like we currently don't have the bar graph, but it will so data as a top N. 

Here is an example. 

OR it can also be displayed like this. 

The key to this is the default view. The first one is Entity State. The second one is SparkLine. There are a couple  other options you may want to change like removing the counter name. All of that is in the Views/Options tab of the widget. 

The last key piece of this will be in the Data tab. Down at the bottom you can set the Data Type, how you want to Sort By, and if you want to show the Top N to display. 

That should cover it. Let me know if you need anything else

Chris Malay

One more comment on this. We currently don't have the horizontal bars in the product, but that is something that we are looking to put back in for this type of display. I know i told you what was available, but didn't answer that comment. 

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