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Widget with available summary dashboards


We currently work a lot with summary dashboards for different departments - one department can have one or more summary dashboards.

We are looking for a neat way to link these summary dashboards from or home dashboard depending on the user rights. 

Just like the "Services" widget  - but with "All Available Summary Dashboards".

Any ideas?

The information should be available, because the summary dashboards are listed in the navigation menu...

Thank you,


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I don't have an answer to this just as of yet. Most of this type of operations was handled by code built into the older home page. Since we moved it all to V10 and the home page is now a summary dashboard, there isn't a widget that can do this. At least not yet. I have asked development to see what is possible here. I hoped to have a better answer before i responded to you, which is why there has been a bit of a delay. 

This might need to be a new widget or an updated version of something like the Health state widget that will not open up the object explorer if targeting a Live Maps group or summary dashboard. 

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