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read only url to summary dashboards


am I the only one missing the possibility to create a readonly url to a summary dashboard?

Best regards

Jan L Dam

No you are not the only one missing it. 

With V10.0. or V10.0.1 static URLs don't exist for the new summary dashboards. Unfortunately we didn't have time to complete the process to add them in there. They will return with V10.1, our next release due out around Ignite. Actually there will be a new way of generating a static URL with that release. We are trying to overcome some of the issues we have had with the static URLs. Things like allowing multiple links on the same page. Ability to update credentials on several links at the same time. I believe there will also be a comments sections so you can indicate what the link is for. 

Chris Malay

It is/was possible in V10.0, just not as simple as clicking a button.  I have achieved this by using a Read-Only User Role in SCOM, adding the appropriate AD user or group, scoping it to the right SCOM groups and then sending them the URL of the specific summary dashboard.

It is now possible with V10.1. 

We introduced an updated Static URL called a Shareable Link. It has some expanded features from Static URLs. It uses a User Credential Store. Allows to name the link instead of using a ID for the link name. 

Shareable links are only possible for Summary dashboards at this time. It will grow to the rest of the application with time. 

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