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Live Maps v10.1 now available!

Dashboard Management

Administrators can now easily manage dashboards and clone, delete, export and import V10 summary dashboards. A tool to convert and update your legacy dashboards to V10 dashboards is also included.


Exporting a V10 dashboard will provide a configuration file that can be imported into another Management Group. For example, to move a dashboard from a staging environment to production. This can also be used to back up or archive your dashboards before editing them.


Shareable Links

This feature replaces static URLs for the new summary dashboards. Here are some of the key improvements:

  • Easily update credentials for multiple links at the same time
  • Open multiple browser tabs with dashboards for different users
  • Embed multiple dashboards in intranet sites or SharePoint
  • Combine it with our HTML widget to allow windows authenticated users to view dashboards otherwise not available to them
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Make sure you download V10.1 as soon as possible. We have improved some of the vital features for our users

Shareable Links - replacement of Static URLS for your new dashboards, makes it easier to share without the need for authentication rights.

Import/Export dashboards - a great new feature means that Savision can actively share new dashboards for your important applications by email and over the web. Users can submit their dashboards to be shared with other users

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