Objective: At times users would like to change the health roll-up state of a service so that on the "All Service Dashboard" or "Services Overview" the service state is the same as one of the perspectives. Most common is the End User Perspective. This article will cover how to do this for the End User Perspective, but with that knowledge anyone should be able to do this for any of the other perspectives.  

Services Overview with default health roll-ups

Services Overview with only End-User Health roll-up affecting Service State

1. From the SCOM console, navigate to Authoring, Management Pack Objects, Monitors

2. From the top menu, click on Scope

3. Click on View all Targets, Type in "Live Maps Service".

4. Check the "Live Maps Service" class, then click on OK.

5. Expand out the monitors. 

Now comes the fun part. Every monitor with Application Service Perspective or Infrastructure Service Perspective will need to be modified. So lets start at the top. 

6. Select and right click on "Application Service Perspective Health Rollup Monitor" under Entity Health. 

7. Click on "Overrides", then, "Disable the Monitor", and then "For all objects of class: Live Maps Service"

8. In the far right hand corner click on "Enforce" on the Enable line. 

9. Since this is the first monitor we are editing, you will also need to see about creating a new MP to store the changes. After this you can simply select this same MP. Click on "New" and follow the MP creation wizard. 

10. Click on Apply and then OK.

11. Steps 6 through 11 will need to be repeated for every the Application and Infrastructure perspective monitors you wish to override(Even under the Availability, Configuration,  Performance, Security). 

However, I have also attached the override MP i created during the creation of this article. If you you would like to only have the End User Perspective roll up as the service health, then you can simply download the attached MP and import it into your SCOM Console.