Objective: Procedure for installing the Live Maps Mobile Notification Service.


  • .Net Framework 4.0
  • Port 443 access out to the world. 
  • Port 5274 access back to a SCOM management server. 

Notes: Typically this will be installed on the same server hosting the Live Maps Web Console, but technically can be installed on any server. The sole purpose for this service is to send Push Notifications to the iOS, Android, or Windows mobile phone. 


If you haven't already, start the installation by either run the Setup.LiveMaps2012.exe from the CD/DVD/ISO or double click on the LiveMaps_V7xxxx.exe self-executable. 

1. Click on Install Mobile Notification Service.

2. Click Next on the Welcome dialog box. 

3. Click on "I Agree" and then Next on the License Agreement. 

4. Select your installation folder and then click Next.

5. Click Next to Confirm Installation.

6. On the System Center Operations Manger Credentials dialog box, fill out the information with a user who has Administrator rights in SCOM. Then click on OK.

7. Click on Close

You are done with the installation.