Objective: Allow users that are not Group Scoped to all in Operations Manger, access to certain Summary Dashboards in the Live Maps Unity Portal. 

All of the summary dashboards are saved as "Dashboard Definitions (Live Maps Unity Portal) objects. 

Create a SCOM Group

1. In the Operations Manager console, navigate to Authoring > Management Pack Templates > Groups.

2.  Right click on Groups, and select Create a new Group

3. Name your group and select a management pack to save the group in. If need be, create a new MP. Then click on OK. 

Next you can take your choice on how to add the members. You can add the members Explicitly or Dynamically. This depends on what the purpose of this group. Example, if you are creating a group to allow access only to a couple of your "My Dashboards" for certain user, then you may want to add them through the Explicit Members. If it is a case where they need access to all custom dashboards then it would be better to add them dynamically. 

For the purpose of this KB article, we will only add certain Dashboards through the Explicit Members. 

4. Click on Add/Remove Objects...

5. Search for Dashboard Definitions (Live Maps Unity Portal), then click on Search

6. Click on the custom dashboards you want the user to access and then click Add. After  you have selected all that they will need access to, click OK.

7. After you verify that the custom dashboard is on the  Explicit Members tab, click Next

8. Click Next on Dynamic Members and Subgroups.

9 Click Create

Edit User Profiles

1. In the Operations Manager console, navigate to Administration > Security > User Roles

2. Double click on the user role you wish to edit for the user. 

3. Click on Group Scope tab.

4. Scroll through the list of groups and check the group you just created. Keep in mind they may need access to other groups depending on what objects the custom dashboard is looking at. 

5. Click on OK

Now test.