This article has been updated to include editing the Machine key to help with Forms authentication and web farm situations.

Objective: Change the Session State to be saved on the IIS server and enable multiple worker processes with Live Maps Unity Portal

Notes: There are a couple of reasons to follow this article. In some cases this can help boost the overall Live Maps Unity Portal performance. Also if you have Windows Authentication setup and after about 8-15 mins, you find that the Unity Portal gives an error message that it failed authentication. 

  • Changing Session State from Cookie to Server

1. Go into Services, find the ASP.NET State Service. Edit it so that is is Running and set to start up Automatic

2. Open up IIS Manager and navigate to the Live Maps Unity Portal web application. Once there right click on it and select Explore. This will give you the location of the web.config file. You will most likely need to edit this file with notepad running as administrator. 

3. Find a the line containing "SessionState". Replace that line with the following. Be sure this is copied as one line and not multiple lines. 

  <sessionState cookieName="{7C5316E0-9A06-4D55-874B-30CEB65E20F5}-ASP.NET_SessionId" mode="StateServer" stateConnectionString="tcpip=" cookieless="false" timeout="20" />

4. Save the web.config file.

  • Editing the App Pool

5. From the IIS Manager, navigate to application pools, and locate the app pool running the Live Maps Unity Portal.

6. Right click on the app pool and select Advanced Settings

7. Scroll down to "Maximum Worker Processes", Change the value to increase the number of processes you want. Increasing this to 2-4. 

8. Change the "Load User Profile" set to True


9. Click on OK

10. Open up a command prompt as Administrator and run an "IISRESET"

11. After complete, TEST