There are a couple ways to create a nested or sub view to Live Maps view. This can be useful when creating a dashboard or there is a large number of object you wish to monitor, and need to sub-divide the objects. 

For the purpose of this KB article, it will show examples of a diagram and placing object in different regions.

1. Add Sub View method

  • With the top level Live Maps view open in the Authoring Console, click on the "Add Sub View" link, located in the Tasks pane on the right hand side. 

  • A dialog box will open up, asking you for the name of the sub view you want to create. 

  • You can choose if you want this to be a Diagram or List. By default the map location will be in the same folder as the top level view, but you may want to change the location. After you are satisfied with the information, click on OK.
  • By default, it will open the view and allow you to start adding the objects to this view. You may start adding object to this view at this point if you want, or go back to the top level view to place the sub view. 
  • The sub view will be represented by a single health state icon and label. 

  • You may want to right click on the icon and add an image or change the label as you see fit. Note: the health state will most likely be empty at the time of creation as the health hasn't been calcuated by SCOM yet. 

2. Adding a sub view from a view that has already been created. 

There are several reason why this way is preferred. The biggest is the ability to add a the sub view to a tile. In this example I will add a tile to the map and then add the sub view.

  • First click on the Tile object in the menu bar of the View. 


This will add the tile and if you wish, you may adjust the size of the tile, or that can be done later. 

  • From the Maps tab, left mouse click and drag the map you want to add as a sub view directly into the tile. 

  • After the view is over the tile let go of the mouse. The tile will now be linked to the sub view. 

Feel free to resize the tile. You may also right click on the tile to adjust the label properties like font size, State icon size, or state indicators.