Objective: At times there may be a requirement to replace the Live Maps licence base license.  This article is to assist you with replacing your current license with one that was sent by Savision. 

NOTE: There are 2 types of licenses. 

  • Base - Everyone must have at least 1 base license
  • Feature - Some may have a Feature license that extents capabilities i.e add features or views.  

This article will also assist if you attempt to update the license and receive an error message - "Your management group already contains a base license for Live Maps

1. Before you being please look over the email and verify the license. 

1. Verify the version number. This MUST be the same major version number as you have installed. i.e. V8.

2. Verify the SCOM mgmt group name is EXACTLY the same. This entry is case sensitive.

3. Verify the current number of views. 

4. Verify the expiration date. 

Assuming everything is accurate proceed to the next step. If not please contact contracts@savision.com 

2. Open the Live Maps Authoring Console. 

3. Click Help then License Manager.

4. Click on any expired or near to be expired licenses that need to be replaced. 

5. Once you click on the license, the Remove License option will no longer be greyed out. Once you click on "Remove License", a warning dialog box will pop up. Click on Yes to remove the license. 

6. Next click on "Add License

7. Copy the contents of the Live Maps License text file into the dialog box and click on OK.