Many pages in the Live Maps Web Portal are divided into what we call "widgets". Up to 12 widgets can fit on a page - 4 across and 3 down on most desktop monitors and laptops. This guide will talk you through the widgets on the home page to allow you to understand what content is in each widget.

Recently Viewed

This widget shows the last 8 items you searched for in the global quick navigation search bar (the magnifying glass in the top right corner). Your most recent 8 results show in this list for quick navigation.


This is for information and help with the Live Maps Portal.

Custom & Summary Dashboards

By default, this is a list of the first 100 alphabetical user-created dashboards. These are dashboards created both in the Authoring Console (geographical maps, Live Maps diagrams and Live Maps lists) as well as the Summary dashboards created in the Live Maps Portal. Since geographical maps, Live Maps diagrams and Live Maps lists can only be created in the Authoring Console, clicking "Create Summary Dashboard" will only allow you to create a new widget-style dashboard. To filter the results of your list, click the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the widget to show a search input. 

Service Management

This is a link to your Services Overview, as well as a direct link to the Service Map for each of your services that are typically listed in the Services Overview. Again, only the top 100 alphabetical results are shown by default, but clicking the magnifying glass will allow you to filter this list. You can create or import new services using the Authoring Console.

System Dashboards

These are out-of-the-box summary dashboards that Savision has created for you already. They can neither be edited nor deleted. These dashboards do not count against your licensed dashboard count.