Objective: Demonstrate how to add objects to a Live Maps Dashboard through Membership rules

Membership rules can be applied to dashboards created via the Live Maps Authoring Console. Those include Lists and Diagrams. With the use of Membership rules your dashboards become dynamic. Any object that matches the rule will be added to your dashboard when it matches the rule. Same is true for any object that is removed from your SCOM environment, it will be removed automatically from the dashboard. 

After you have created or opened up an existed Dashboard in the Live Maps Authoring Console. Click on the Add button in the lower portion of the Dashboard. 


Next, select the class of object you wish to add. This can be done by typing the name or clicking on the 3 dot button on the right hand side to open up a "Select Classes" dialog box. By default, the "Windows Server (Windows Core Library) is selected. 


Next use the drop down just under the Filter Expression tab to select the different property values of that class. 


Next select the type of rule you want to create. By default it is selected to "Contains", but this can be changed to the following 

  • equals
  • does not equal
  • contains
  • does not contain
  • is greater than
  • is greater than or equal to
  • is less than
  • is less than or equal to
  • matches wildcard
  • does not match wildcard
  • matches regular expression
  • does not match regular expression


Then finally the expression, and then click on Add Expression


Click on Show Matches to see what your rule will add. 

If you are satisfied with the rule, click on OK and the objects will appear. 

This is a basic rule, but more advance rules can be added. If you choose to add another expression to the same rule, it will act as an "AND" statement. 



Also, depending on the class of object selected, will determine what property values you will be able to filter on. 

Example. If you select "IIS Web Site( Windows Server Internet Information Services Library)", there is a limited number of property values. 


However if you select "IIS 8 Web Site(Microsoft Windows Server 2012 internet Information services 8) class, you now can create rules that include the natural health rollup. 


Now i can create a rule that asks for any IIS 8 Web Site that is hosted on a Windows Computer with a Display name that contains "LiveMaps"

If you would like any additional help with Membership rules, please contact support@savision.com