How do I create a List Dashboard?

With Savision Live Maps, you can create List Dashboards that simply list objects like Computers, databases and web sites. Using List Dashboard filters, you can view List objects’ statuses according their severity levels or objects in an unhealthy state.


Savision Live Maps Authoring Console

To create a List Dashboard, launch the Live Maps Authoring Console and click Create List on the Live Maps Start Page.


The Create List Wizard starts and highlights that List Dashboards can be created by ‘drag and drop’ or with dynamic membership rules. Click Next to continue.


Select the location of your List Dashboard with your SCOM Monitoring folders. If the Monitoring folder for a sealed SCOM Management Pack, you will need to specify the location of the resulting Management Pack for your List Dashboard. Then click Next.



Specify a name for your List Dashboard. Additionally, you can use an existing SCOM Group to specify the objects in your List Dashboard. This allows to you to quickly populate List Dashboards with objects you have defined with SCOM Groups. Click Next.


Click Finish on the List Dashboard summary screen.


Adding SCOM Objects to your List Dashboard

Once you have finished the New List wizard, your List Dashboard will open in the Live Maps Authoring Console. At this point your List is empty. Next is to add objects to the list. This can be done one of 2 different ways.

  • Explicit Membership - Hard coded objects
  • Membership rules - Dynamic rules that all all objects that match the rules to be added. 

To add objects please look at the following KB Article - Adding Objects to a List-Diagram Dashboard

Add Performance Counters to your List Dashboard

With Performance Counters, you can include objects to your List Dashboard based on their performance metrics. In your List Dashboard, select the Performance Counters tab and click Add Performance Counter…


Select a Class Type from which to draw the performance counters for your List Dashboard.

Depending on the selected Class Type, there are different Performance Counters that can be selected for your List Dashboard. Select a Class Type and click Next to view the available Performance Counters.



Windows Operating System Class Counters


Windows Server 2012 Logical Disk Counters



With the Selected Class type, click the Performance Counters you would like to include on your List Dashboard and click Next.


Select your Performance Counter Display Options and click Next and click Finish on the Summary screen. 


Once you have added Performance Counters to your List Dashboard, you can view and edit within the Live Maps Authoring Console. Save your List Dashboard and view it with your Live Maps Portal. 


Viewing List Dashboards in the Live Maps Portal

To view your List Dashboard, connect to your Live Maps Portal Home Page and search or browse for your Custom List Dashboard by name.

Double Click your List Dashboard to open it.


Filtering Views in your Live Maps List Dashboard

Once you have opened your List Dashboard, use filter options in the top left to toggle information in your List Dashboard. You can filter your List Dashboard to view Active Alerts with the List Dashboard’s objects, view objects based on their Health Status and toggle viewing of the added Performance Counters.


Viewing Performance Counters displays the performance details. Further, you can view Performance Counter details over different time periods.