What can I put on a Live Maps Summary Dashboard?

Live Maps Summary Dashboards allow you to add Savision 8.4 Widgets onto a single dashboard. Live Maps ver. 8.4 offers 14 different Monitoring Summary Widget types that can be included on a Summary Dashboard.

How do I create a Summary Dashboard?

Live Maps Summary Dashboards are ideal for representing combinations of monitored objects combinations into logical groupings onto a single dashboard. Summary Dashboards allow you to create dashboards with combinations of Savision 8.4 Widgets.

Savision Live Maps Portal

To create a Summary Dashboard, connect to your Savision Live Maps Portal (https://<yourserver>/LiveMapsUnityPortal).  On the Live Maps Portal Home Page, click Create Summary Dashboard.

Creating a Summary Dashboard opens a blank 4 X 3 grid that can hold combinations of Savision Monitoring Widgets. Savision Widgets can be selected from the Widget bar on the left.

Combinations of Savision Widgets can be placed, sized and configured for your Summary Dashboard. Click an available Savision Widget from the Widget Bar. Once a Savision Widget has been initialized with parameters, it can be dragged and dropped in place as well has sized vertically and horizontally.

Savision 8.4 Widgets

With Savision Live Maps 8.4, there are 14 Savision Widgets available for Summary Dashboards. Please following the links below for ‘How To’ Documentation for each Savision 8.4 Widgets.

  • Services
  • Alert Summary
  • Alert Details
  • Affected Services
  • Events
  • Heat Map
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Object Properties
  • Performance Graph
  • Top N Advanced
  • Top N Computer
  • SLA Status
  • SQL Query
  • Webpage