Objective: Provide a method to have a set number of Dashboards Rotate every X secs. 

1. Download the attached LiveMapsRotate.html file.

 After downloading this file, open it up in a notepad editor of your choice. 

2. Edit the LMRotator Function

We are creating an array of Live Maps Dashboards you want to rotate through. You can easily add or remove lines. Be sure to add the path of the dashboard as the end user would use.

Secondly, adjust the timing of the rotation. 

3. Once the file has been edited, you can place it in the root folder of your Live Maps portal. This is typically in C:\inetpub\Live Maps Unity Portal

4. This can now be called up directly. Typically this would be by going to http://webaddress/livemapsunityportal/livemapsrotate.html

Note: This is provided as is. It currently is not a part of Live Maps Portal project, but should be incorporated at some point. It has not been tested with Static URLs, or in Web Farms. Authentication issues may arise from those setups.