By default, Live Maps Dashboards creating in the Live Maps Authoring Console have the SCOM default "Worst of" Health state. Meaning if one object is RED, the dashboard will rollup RED. There are times a user would like to change this behavior. Here are the possible health rollups.

  • Worst of - Worst health state of any member
  • Best of - Best health state of any member
  • Worst of a Best percentage - Worst state of a percentage of members in a good health state

Before this article explains how to change this, a little explanation. With the exception of a Live Map Service, Dashboards created in the Live Maps Authoring Console are technically groups inside of SCOM. A Live Maps Service is a distributed application, that contain a minimum of 3 groups that are the different perspectives( End-User, Application and Infrastructure). 

This article will explain how to change the behavior for a single dashboard, however based on how things are setup, it is possible to do this to multiple dashboards, and globally. We don't recommend Global changes as it could affect more than you want. 

All of these groups can be seen from the SCOM Console, by navigating to Monitoring > Live Maps

From here you can not only see the current health state of the group, but right click on the group to look at the health explorer, diagram view, etc and even put the group into maintenance mode just like most other objects in the SCOM console. Here is where we begin to change the health rollup.

Start by right clicking on the Dashboard you wish to change the health rollup. Then go to Open > Health Explorer

You may need to repeat this process up to 5 times for the 5 different monitors. I will start with our "Availability" Monitor. This may need to be repeated for the following list

  • Live Maps Availability Health Rollup
  • Live Maps Configuration Health Rollup
  • Live Maps Performance Health Rollup
  • Live Maps Security Health Rollup
  • Live Maps Entity Health Rollup (this one is optional and only available if you request our Entity Health MP)

1. Next right click on the Live Maps Availability Health Rollup monitor and select Monitor Properties.

2. Select the Overrides tab. 

3. Click on the "Override..." box, and select "For the object: <name of dashboard>"

4. Scroll to the bottom of the available overrides. 

5. On the Parameter - Rollup Algorithm, place a check mark in the override. 

6. Select the override value you wish to change it to. Either "Best health state of any member" or Worst state of a percentage of members in a good health state"

7. IF you selected "Worst state of a percentage of members in a good health state"  put a check mark in the Parameter "Percentage"

Next place the percentage value you want in the override value. Quick explanation on the percentage. Think of it as the percentage of objects you want healthy and remain in a good (GREEN) state.

Example: 10 total objects in this dashboard. You want to allow for 2 of the objects to go RED and still rollup green. You don't want it to rollup RED till you have 3 objects unhealthy. In this case you would put 80 in the override value. 

8. This should already have the management pack in which the dashboard is saved in. From here you can click on OK, and then Close.

9. Repeat steps 1-8 for the other Live Maps health rollup monitors (Configuration, Performance, Security and Entity(optional)

Once you are complete, you should see behavior like the following.