Objective: Give instruction on how to make a global override to Dashboards that are created in the Live Maps Authoring Console. 

Concept: First thing to understand is all Live Maps Dashboards created in the Authoring Console are either a group or a DA in SCOM. We create dependency monitors for your roll up the health state of all the objects contained in the group to give the group itself a health state. This allows you to link dashboards together and get an effective rollup to a top level dashboard. Sometimes you may want to make overrides to the way we setup our monitors on a global scale. This article will assist you with that effort. 

Common overrides that are changed would be the way health state rolls up. This can be the way we rollup unmonitored objects as an ERROR, or maybe you wish to change the Worst of health state, to something else. In this article we will be changing unmontiored objects to no longer roll up as an error. The concepts used in this article can be applied to other settings in the dependency monitors. 

All the Live Maps Dashboards (groups) created in the Authoring Console, can be seen in the SCOM Console by going to Monitoring > Live Maps. (not the folder).

Right clicking on one of these and opening up the Health Explore will show our dependancy monitors and its rollup. In this case you can see the Live Maps Availability Health Rollup dependancy monitor rolling up RED because one of my servers is in an unmonitored state (Grey checkmark)

If you would like to know how to change the override on an individual dashboard level, please follow this KB Article. - Change default "Worst of" health rollup for a Live Maps Dashboard

Again, the rest of this article will show how to do this on a Global scale. 

In the SCOM console, navigate to Authoring > Management Pack Objects > Monitors

From there SCOPE the monitors to "Live Maps Group"

If you expand out the monitors, you will notice a minimum of 4 Live Maps rollup monitors. Some may have 5. 

  • Live Maps Availability Health Rollup
  • Live Maps Configuration Health Rollup
  • Live Maps Performance Health Rollup
  • Live Maps Security Health Rollup
  • Live Maps Entity Health Rollup  (Optional if you have the Live Maps Entity health MP)

To start, Right click on the Live Maps Availability Health Rollup monitor, then select Overrides > Override the Monitor > For all objects of class: Live Maps Group

Find the override you wish to change and put a check mark next to it. Then change the Override Value. In our case it is already selecting Rollup monitoring unavailable as error. Change this to Monitoring unavailable if you don't want it to rollup any health to the Dashboard. You can also change this to have it rollup the health as a warning. 

Under Management Pack, Select an MP to save the overrides. If you don't know, it is best to create a new MP. Then

Then click on Apply, and then OK. You will need to repeat this process for each of the Live Maps Health Rollups. Once it is done for all of the health rollups, you should notice a difference in you dashboards. Please keep in mind this may take a moment for SCOM to recalculate the group health.

When it is done you will notice something like this.