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Objective: To give a basic understanding and purpose of the different Live Maps components. Not all components will apply to an individual account. It will depend on the actual product purchased. If you have questions about your product, fell free to contact your Account Manager or email

Prerequisites: Live Maps V7 or Greater. Article written as of V7.3. Subject to change with higher versions.

To start off with Live Maps is basically a few Management Packs inside of System Center Operations Manager. That means we generally don't have a need to be installed on a dedicated server, although some do.  

Basic Components

There are 3 basic components to Live Maps

  • Live Maps Authoring Console - The Live Maps Authoring Console primary function is to all users to create Services, Diagrams, Dashboards, and Lists. To install Live Maps into a SCOM environment, it is required to install at least one on a PC or server that has an Operations Console. When started for the very first time in a SCOM environment, it will import the Savision Live Maps Management Packs. The Authoring Console will also ask for the license key. Licensing is based on the Management group name and is case-sensitive. Live Maps Authoring Console Installation

  • Live Maps Operations Manager Extensions - The Live Maps Operations Manager Extensions are a small plugin that is installed on a PC or server running an Operations Manager Console. The extensions are required in order to view any of the Live Maps views from within the console. For more information on the installation refer to Live Maps Operations Manager Extensions or our Installation Guide. 

  • Live Maps Unity Portal - This is a HTML5 web console. The Live Maps Unity Portal provides the ability to view any of the Services, Diagrams, Dashboards, or Views Created in the  Authoring Console through a web browser. It also shows system dashboards as well as has the ability to create widget based dashboards. Live Maps Unity Portal Installation

Optional Components
  • Live Maps Mobile Notification Service - The Live Maps Mobile Notification Service is a small program that will push out notifications to mobile users. This allows users to get notified when a service outage has occurred. For More information on setup of the Mobile software, please refer to {KB Article} or our Installation guide. 

  • Live Maps Service Manager Integration - Allows Live Maps Unity customers to connect Live Maps and Service Manger to populate Business services and connect those with Change Management. 

  • Live Maps ServiceNow Integration - Allows Live Maps Unity customers to connect Live Maps Services to ServiceNow. It will upload and populate Business Services.