NOTE: This article is no longer being updated as we are moving our KB articles to the main Savision Website. If you would like to see the latest updated KB article, please follow this link.

Objective: Install the Live Maps Authoring Console V7 or V8

Note: This article was written with the release of V7.5.

System Requirements:

  • Operations Manager Console 2012, SP1, R2
  • .Net 4.0


If you haven't already, start the installation by either run the Setup.LiveMaps2012.exe from the CD/DVD/ISO or double click on the LiveMaps_V7xxxx.exe self-executable. 

1. Click on the Install Live Maps Authoring Console link

2. Click Next on the Welcome screen. 

3. Click "I Agree" and then Next on the License Agreement.

4. Change the path if you wish, once you are happy with the install location, click Next. 

5. Click Next to Confirm Installation. 

6. Click on Close to complete the installer part of the installation. 

Post Installer steps

7. Next step is to launch the Authoring Console. Depending on your OS will determine where the shortcut is located. It will be in a standard location for applications. Name of the application is "Savision Live Maps Authoring Console". 

8. Enter SCOM Management server if blank. Also authenticate to the SCOM Management server using either Integrated Security or raised credentials. 

9. If this is the VERY first time Live Maps has been installed in your SCOM management group, then it will start to