Objective: Create Windows Service Object so it can be placed in a Live Map view. 

NOTE: This article was written with SCOM 2012 R2 and Live Maps V7.4. The basics should be the same for future releases. 

  • From the SCOM Console, Go to Authoring > Management Pack Templates > Windows Service
  • Right click on Windows Service and select Add Monitoring Wizard

  • Select Windows Service, and the click on Next.

  • Enter the name of the Windows Service you would like to monitor. Doesn't have to be exact, just something you can identify the object. 
  • Select a destination management pack. It is advised to create a new Management pack for these objects. 
  • Click on Next.

  • On the Service Details tab, Select the Service name by clicking on the 3 dot button on the right hand side. Then Select the windows service you would like to monitor. You may need to change the computer to the computer running the service. Click on OK once you have selected the service. 

  • On the Targeted group, Click on the 3 dot button on the right hand side. You will need to Select the group you wish to target. In my case i selected the All Windows Computer group. Click on OK

  • Click Next 
  • On the Performance Data tab, you can add CPU performance monitors if you want. It is not neccessary. Click Next.
  • On the Summary tab, click Create.

You should now see this new Windows Service listed. 

You should now be able to add the Windows Service to any view in Live Maps. This can be done via the Components or via a membership rule targeting Windows Service.