Objective: Install the Live Maps Authoring Console V7 or V8. This procedure need to be completed on any and all computers/servers that have an Operations Manager Console that you wish to see Live Maps. Without it, an error message will pop up if you attempt to click on any Live Maps view. 

Note: This article was written with the release of V7.5.


System Requirements

  • Operations Manager Console 2012, SP1, R2


Close any open Operations Manager Consoles.

If you haven't already, start the installation by either run the Setup.LiveMaps2012.exe from the CD/DVD/ISO or double click on the LiveMaps_V7xxxx.exe self-executable. 

1. Click on Install Operations Manager Extensions.

2. Click Next on the Welcome screen.

3. Click Next to Confirm Installation

4. Click on Close on the Installation Complete dialog

You are done!.